New UK High Commissioner makes Ghana radio debut

New UK High Commissioner makes Ghana radio debut

- New Hew UK High Commissioner says he doesn't want to compare himself with Jon Benjamin

- He's dismissed claims that foreign diplomats are spies

- He's also stated that his favorite dish in Ghana is Ghanaian jollof rice

The New High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Mr. Iain Walker, has gone on live Ghanaian radio for the first time by appearing on Starr FM's Morning Starr talk show to talk about a variety of subjects, the most important of which may just be that he prefers Ghanaian Jollof rice.

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New UK High Commissioner makes Ghana radio debut

New UK High Commissioner, Mr. Iain Walker Credits:

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Touching on the subject of his immediate predecessor, Mr. Jon Benjamin, Mr. Iain Walker stated that his mission isn't to compare himself with the former UK High Commissioner simply because Jon Benjamin had his own style.

He stated that all he wants to do is to make the best of his time in Ghana, adding that comparing one's self to other's isn't the best way to being happy.

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If you want to be happy you don’t compare yourself with others, you don’t trade your originality for approval from others," He said.

Mr. Walker also sought to debunk popular rumors that foreign diplomats are spies, something a section of the Ghanaian public have accused diplomats of in recent times.

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But perhaps the one comment that could endear him tot he Ghanaian pubic is his vote of confidence for a much loved Ghanaian version of a popular West African dish, Ghana Jollof rice.

I have enjoyed quite a number of Ghanaian dishes and I think Ghana Jollof is my favourite, it’s nice,” he said, speaking to show host Francis Abban.

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