Nivea to deletes "non-apology" from official Facebook page

Nivea to deletes "non-apology" from official Facebook page

- Nivea has deleted a recent statement regarding its Natural Fairness Body Lotion campaign from it's official Facebook page

- The statement receive heavy backlash due to the fact that it defended the company's new product campaign

- The entire issue started with consumers in Ghana asking the company to pull down posters perceived to be encouraging skin bleaching

The ongoing backlash against German based personal care cosmetic company, NIVEA only seems to get worse and worse, and it seems like Nivea was forced to delete its "non-apology" from their Facebook page due to the negative backlash it's garnered.

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Majority of Ghanaians criticize Nivea's "non-apology" over controversial campaign

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A strong social media backlash has forced Nivea to delete a recent statement regarding negative sentiment from consumers in Ghana and West Africa as a whole who've voiced their displeasure at the company's new Natural Fairness Body Lotion Campaign.

The current controversy between Nivea and a large section of the Ghanaian public began when UK based Ghanaian rapper, Fuse ODG took to social media asking Nivea to remove a series of billboards he felt encouraged skin bleaching and used the hashtag #pullitdownnow.

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The post and call was taken up by several other Ghanaian celebrities including the likes of comedian DKB, actress Ama K. Abebrese, and model Hamamat Montia, including several Nigerian celebrities too.

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This prompted a short statement from Nivea, where the company stated that its campaign is not aimed at glorifying or demeaning anyone's skin care preferences. Nevertheless, the company stopped short of rendering a full apology for it's Natural Fairness Body Lotion campaign.

Unfortunately for Nivea, stopping short of a full apology turned out to be not the greatest idea they had, something that became very apparent from the litany of negative comments from social media users who didn't appreciate the company's "non-apology" statement.

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