Giving back is a must! Jada Pinkett-Smith gives an important lesson to her kids

Giving back is a must! Jada Pinkett-Smith gives an important lesson to her kids

- Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith are one of Hollywood’s royalty

- Their children, Jayden and Willow, have raised a lot of eyebrows over their strange mannerisms but mama bear Jada says that they raised their children to have freedom of expression

Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s parenting style has been heavily criticized over the years.

One word that can be used to describe Jayden, 19, and Willow, 16, is off-center.

The brother and sister duo have an eclectic sense of fashion, with Jayden known to wear skirts every now and then.

The two describe themselves as “binary stars, two parts of the same thing” and are known to make similar philosophical statements that are better understood by themselves than by everyone else.

On his fifteenth birthday, Jayden asked his parents for the strangest gift – an emancipation ruling – which Will and Jada agreed to.

YEN learns from Parents that Jada’s style of parenting is not as laid-back as people think, and that she does her best to make sure her children are grounded.

In her first book for children titled ‘Girls Hold Up This World’, the actress challenges girls to do their best and live with pride, which is something she impresses on her daughter.

“I try to help my daughter realize that there is strength in being a girl,” said Smith.

Smith revealed that when the children were younger, they were home-schooled so that they could travel around with their parents, and the children were given as much control over their lives as possible to do what they wanted provided they could explain why it was the right thing to do for their lives.

While many celebrity marriages have broken up after one partner became a bigger star than the other, Smith revealed that being a big star was never her goal.

“I’m not always interested in mainstream movies and doing all the things I would have to do in order to fit the picture of superstardom,” remarked Smith.

The ‘Nutty Professor’ actress divulged that she and Will often let the children make their own choices and they were allowed to express themselves freely.

Says Smith:

“If they want to perform, they have our blessing, and if they don’t, they have our blessing. I just want them to do what makes them happy.”

Though the Smiths live a life of privilege, Jada revealed that the main thing she did to keep her children grounded and give them a normal life is teaching them to give back.

“Giving back is a must,” stated Jada, whose children visit an orphanage, homeless shelter or nursing home once every three months to visit with the families and children.

Smith further revealed that she has made giving back a part of her family’s lifestyle and her children freely donate the things they have outgrown or have lost interest in.

However loudly people disagree with the Smith’s over their parenting philosophies, they must be doing something right as Jayden and Willow have a good number of the pitfalls that celebrity offspring fall into.


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