Man wanted by the police surrenders after asking for 1000 shares on Facebook

Man wanted by the police surrenders after asking for 1000 shares on Facebook gathered that a 21-year-old man who was on the police 'wanted' list turned himself in after asking for 1000 Facebook shares on his post.

The man identified as Michael Zaydel had been on the Redford Township Police Department (RTPD) 'wanted' list for different cases of misdemeanor, and had gone ahead to make a bet with them on Facebook.

While taunting the police, Zaydel promised to turn himself in if the police manage to get 1,000 shares on his 'wanted' post shared on their official Facebook page. Not only did he promise to turn himself in, he also promised to bring the officers some doughnuts.

Commenting on the post, he wrote: “yeah! I’m not worried about it, if your next post gets a thousand shares I’ll turn myself in along with a dozen doughnuts and that’s a promise. And I’ll pick up every piece of litter around your public schools. Let's see if you can get those shares

Man wanted by the police surrenders after asking for 1000 shares on Facebook

Michael Zayden turned himself in after challenging the police to get a 1,000 shares on his 'wanted' post. Photo: Facebook

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After the RTPD put up a screenshot of his comment made under their post, social media users swung into action and got the post shared over 4,000 times.

The police were however surprised when Zaydel fulfilled his promise by not only turning himself in, he also brought the doughnuts he promised them earlier. He was eventually arrested and jailed for 39 days.

After he walked in, the department put out an update saying "This evening at approximately 6:30 pm Michael Zaydel made good on his promise to turn himself in to RTPD for his outstanding warrants. He walked in on his own, and not only did he bring the donuts, he brought one bagel! We would again like to express our gratitude for the support of all who followed this, shared it, and left us positive feedback.

Mr. Zaydel was lodged and will have a hearing tomorrow morning at the 17th District Court."

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See the posts shared by the RTPD below:

The police department went ahead to share a screenshot of his comment, where he had agreed to turn himself in under given conditions. See below:

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He eventually fulfilled his promise and handed himself over to the police. See post below:

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