Top 6 lessons Bukom Banku taught us from "make or break" bout

Top 6 lessons Bukom Banku taught us from "make or break" bout

The bout between Bukom Banku and Bastir Samir continues to attract massive commentary by Ghanaians both home and abroad. But beyond the nature of this bout do we get to explore the various lessons best learnt from the bout.

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1. Never underestimate the power of talent

Prior to the much anticipated bout, there was this public perception that Bastir Samir was no where close to beating Bukom Banku considering the fact that the local boxing champion has never been defeated in his career. But his poor performance at the just ended bout shows that in life, there is just no need for us to underestimate the talents of other people. Many of us look down at our colleagues at work or even family members mainly due to their standing in society but only if we understood the power of talent we would never feel embarrassed when the very people we underestimate prove the opposite.

2. Actions speak louder than words

If for nothing at all, one lesson we learnt from the Bukom Banku bout is the fact that our utterances never solve problems nor prove a point but rather our actions and achievements. Just before the much-awaited bout, we all heard of the war of words between Bukom and Bastie but well….most of their bragging rights were just not important on the boxing ring.

3. Living on past glory is deadly

Many of us have this love for resting on our oars mainly because some achievement we chalked in the past. Take a closer look at the case with Bukom Banku. Yes he may have seriously trained before the bout but his past achievements never was of importance in the bout. In fact, should past glory be the decider of the winner, there would just be no reason for a match in any case.

4. There is honour in throwing in the towel

Sometimes we just need to learn how to accept defeat and move on. Conceding in the time of battle never proves your weakness. It rather gives us the rare opportunity to get saved from shame and public ridicule. Should Bukom Banku had conceded defeat, none of us would have been trolling the defeated Banku on social media.

5. A successful name attracts fame

One major lesson we learnt from the “make or break” bout between Bukom Banku and Bastir Samir is the fact that the world loves to move with famous people. The Bukom Square was bursting at its seams on Saturday night mainly because fans just wanted to see how two successful boxers could prove their worth in the boxing ring.

6. Anything grown locally sells if we believe in it

One thing that touched the hearts of boxing fans in Ghana was the way and manner the local bout caught the attention of the world.

This teaches us to understand that everything grown locally has the potential of doing remarkably well on the global front. If we were able to sell this match to the rest of the world there was just no way we couldn't have done same with other sectors of the Ghanaian economy. is building a platform where Ghanaians can share local news and own experiences with each other.

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