5 events in Ghana to find your soulmate

5 events in Ghana to find your soulmate

Finding a life partner remains one of the dreams every single person wished come true. The search could be very difficult especially in this day and age of social media which has also been erupted by the menace of cyber fraud.

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Aside from all the challenges that come along with marriage, there definitely are some lovely events in Ghana that could help you find that soulmate you have always been searching for and YEN.com.gh presents you with 5 of such places!

1. Weddings

5 events in Ghana to find your soulmate

Weddings are just those lovely events which often see single guys throng in their numbers to cheer on their lucky married friends. This is the perfect moment and chance you can have to not just feel the happiness of being married but also find the perfect match for your life.

2. Birthday parties

5 events in Ghana to find your soulmate

Celebrating one’s birthday party comes with so much euphoria especially as family and friends come together to express their fond memories to you and also wish you the best in life. Remember that this is also the opportunity for you to scout for that special person.

3. Funerals

5 events in Ghana to find your soulmate

Mourning the dead comes with grief and anguish but yet again it sets out as that very opportunity to turn pain to happiness. Our fathers and mothers have always told us that funerals are mostly attended by the very ones who wish to find for themselves married partners and this could be the very ripe moment to do so.

4. Church sermons

5 events in Ghana to find your soulmate

This could be an old belief but there is no need for us leaving it unattended to. For those of us deep-rooted in matters of spirituality finding the right party could be achieved through the holy confines of the church

5. 31st December watch night services

5 events in Ghana to find your soulmate

Whenever we usher in a new year, thousands of single men and women have one prayer in mind - the plea to God for a soulmate. Taking advantage of this opportunity will give you an urge above your single mates.

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