6 Ghanaian signs that tell he is marriage material

6 Ghanaian signs that tell he is marriage material

One of the difficulties most single people face is the confusion that comes with how to figure out if someone is up for marriage or not. As ladies, we often start a relationship with the dream of being led down the aisle on your wedding day.

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6 Ghanaian signs that tell he is marriage material

But such dreams often get shattered especially when it comes to reality we are bound to face in the wake of our relationship, how best can you find out if the guy you truly love is indeed the one for you?

Yen.com.gh brings you the list of some signs of men who are marriage material that you should keep a keen eye on.

1. When he introduces you to all friends as his girlfriend

No doubt about this. You will definitely know he appreciates your presence when he opens up to his friends and close circles about you, not as a normal friend but rather a girlfriend. Guys are mostly careful about placing a tag on their ladies so that if you are not meant for him, there is just no way he would risk introducing you as a lover.

2. When he introduces you to his family

One of the surest ways to know you are in a safe company is when he takes the move to introduce you to his family - especially his mother or sister(s). This is a clear sign that he wants to take the relationship a notch higher and you dare not miss this opportunity.

3. When he always talks about the future

A serious-minded gentleman who really wants to get married would definitely include you in his long-term goals. You will hear him talk about kids, starting a home and all the other "how it will be like to get married talks".

4. When the communication is solid

The lifeline of every relationship is communication. If you are in a relationship with poor communication please be aware that there is no way a wedding bell could ring in the near future. If he constantly calls to check-up on you, sends you messages in the cause of the day, takes you on a date occasionally then your relationship is up to something.

5. When he never rushes to have a piece of the cake

A guy who always rushes to getting intimate with a lady is no marriage material. This is because real men interested in getting married have the issue of intimacy being the last on their minds. All these real guys care about is building the right foundation for your marriage.

6. When he loves the Lord just as he loves you

In every Ghanaian home, this thing called spirituality is key so that a man expressing intentions to getting married could be let down by family members should they realize he is never a church material.

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