Gabrielle Union reveals what happened when her dad first met her spouse Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union reveals what happened when her dad first met her spouse Dwyane Wade

- Gabrielle Union and NBA player Dwyane Wade started dating in 2009 and after a break in 2013, they got married in 2014

- The actress has a very close relationship with her parents and she shared what went down when her dad met Wade for the first time

Gabrielle’s parents divorced after 30 years of marriage but according to the actress, they made sure that the process was a peaceful and smooth one for everyone involved.

Union has kept a lovely relationship with Sylvester all her life; she has expressed before that he taught her about ambition, hard work and not letting anyone mess with her.

Introducing the love of your life to your parents is a nerve-wracking experience, and Gabrielle was not an exception to this.

A few months ago on Father’s Day, the star shared how that special moment was for her and how Dwyane was able to face her father without failing an important question.

She posted a photo on Instagram congratulating her father and revealed that the first thing Mr. Union said to Wade when they met was:

‘What do you want with my daughter? She's got her own s**t, owns her own home, has a career... So whatcha bringing to the table that she doesn't already have?’

That probably was a moment full of tension for the trio, but luckily for Gabrielle, Dwyane gave her father a response that took him by surprise but he deemed acceptable.

Dwayne’s answer was:

‘I just want to love her.’

That’s absolutely adorable, right?

Gabrielle added that her dad just stood there staring at his future son in law for a minute before he snapped out of it and broke the ice by asking Wade:

‘Well, what do you think about my Cornhuskers?’

We’re pretty sure Mr. Sylvester was just looking out for Gabrielle’s best interests and he wanted to make sure that Dwyane was not playing around with his precious daughter.

Gabrielle also wrote in the caption of her photo:

‘My pops…He always has my back, taught me about valuing hard work and independence and that you ARE your brother's/sister's keeper.’


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