Meet beautiful lady, who works as mechanic

Meet beautiful lady, who works as mechanic

- A Nigerian lady has shared her amazing journey as a mechanic

- She made up her mind she was going to be a mechanic to everyone’s surprise

- She is an undergraduate in National Open University

A young Nigerian lady, Sofela Ayotunde, has given everyone a surprise by saying she would like to be an automobile engineer in the future. The lady is not just saying this, she has started making plans to be one by being a mechanic.

Ayotunde said she has been discouraged a few times as people believe it is not woman’s job. Some roles are simply not acceptable for women in this part of the world; sadly, being a female mechanic is one of those jobs that women are not expected to venture into.

The 24-year-old Nigerian lady has always been interested in vehicles and everything that has to do with them.

Meet beautiful lady, who works as mechanic

The 24-year-old lady who is a mechanic. Source: Pulse.

After my secondary school education, I have always been passionate about cars…”, Sofela says, “so I decided to join Automedics Training School, where they train about automobiles, how to diagnose them, how to repair them.”

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Her parents also did not see her becoming a mechanic and did everything possible to make her develop interest in another aspect but she was bent on being a mechanic.

Meet beautiful lady, who works as mechanic

Ayotunde at work. Source: Pulse.

We had a lot of disagreements, we would quarrel.”, Sofela says of her parents' reaction to her decision, “My parents were like, no, no, no. You can’t do this. This is not a female’s job, this is not something you should go to, I want you to go to university.

The young lady however proved to her parents that she was not lazy. She made the move to get a degree at the National Open University and started her journey as an undergraduate of Computer Science.

Meet beautiful lady, who works as mechanic

At work with the team of men she supervises. Source: Pulse.

I am studying computer science at the National Open University of Nigeria”, she says, “I’m currently a 400 level student there. It has a lot to do with my job because nowadays you find cars are more computerized.

Ayotunde has gotten used to working with a team of young men that work under her. They find it strange that a woman is the head mechanic but they are getting used to it.

Being that I’m female gives me an edge over the male counterparts because they are surprised and they are like; ‘let me give it a try, let me just see how she is going to be able to handle my car’”, she says.

Meet beautiful lady, who works as mechanic

The young lady is at peace with herself. Source: Pulse.

The young lady is proud of herself and how far she has come. She said the lifestyle of the other girls is not a problem to her as those who are close to her have come to appreciate her work since not every one of them could do it.

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It’s a dirty job, I must put it like that and it doesn’t really give you time to say ‘okay, I’m leaving the house in the morning, let me make-up, let me do this, let me do that’. But you can still look good while you are doing the job. So, peer pressure is not a problem for me.

What do you think about the young lady and what she does?


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