Always believe what you see! R. Kelly opens up about having a transgender son

Always believe what you see! R. Kelly opens up about having a transgender son

- Famous RnB singer Robert Sylvester Kelly who is popularly known by his stage name R. Kelly recently talked about his transgender son

- The singer looked like he was in denial when asked how it felt to be the father of a transgender son

In late 2014, R Kelly's youngest daughter Jaya Kelly declared publicly that he wants to be referred to as a boy.

He would go on to change his name to Jay and start referring to himself as handsome.

The news caused waves of surprise around the world as many fans wondered what would prompt such a lifestyle choice for the then fourteen-year-old.

There was a lot of speculation surrounding the young child as many concluded that he was a case of family neglect.

Some blogs even went on to say that the transgender boy Jay had undergone surgery to become a better transgender.

Recently, Robert Sylvester Kelly spoke about this transgender son during an interview.

When the famous singer was asked about his transgender son, he seemed to hint that the news about his transgender son wasn't true.

The fifty-year-old singer replied the interviewer with some cryptic statements about the entertainment blogs not always getting everything right.

The famous singer was quoted as saying:

'Always believe what you see. That's the best way to go about this business. I've heard a lot of things about a lot of people, and it was never true'.

The singer went on to say that people shouldn't trust things that haven't seen with their own two eyes.

R. Kelly further went on to say that all of the media wave surrounding his family didn't matter as long as his family was complete.

He said that at the end of it all, all of it didn't matter as he had three kids which was in love with and who loved him right back.

He is only focused on taking care of his kids right now.

The singer's ex-wife and mother of transgender son Jay, Andrea Kelly, hasn't spoken publicly concerning her son.


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