NPP Chairman defends Ayisi-Boateng

NPP Chairman defends Ayisi-Boateng

- NPP National Chairman has said George Ayisi-Boateng's comments don't warrant his dismissal from office

- Says people have given their interpretation of the diplomat's comments

Mr. Freddie Blay, THe New Patriotic Party's (NPP) acting National Chairman, has dismissed calls for the removal of office of Ghana's High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr. George Ayisi-Boateng over certain partisan comments he made recently.

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NPP Chairman defends Ayisi-Boateng

NPP acting Chairman, Mr. Freddie Blay

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According to the NPP's acting National Chairman, Mr. George Ayisi-Boateng's comment that he would give party members priority over other Ghanaians is a sin bad enough to warrant his [Ayisi-Boateng's] removal from office.

The NPP Chairman goes on to say that Mr. Ageorge Ayisi-Boateng's comments has been taken up and interpreted according to people's own views and thus want to hang the diplomat for it.

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People make it look like this is a political issue...because of that, he has committed a gargantuan sin for that matter we must call for his head," said Mr. Blay, speaking to Joy FM.

During a student address in Kumasi over the weekend Mr. Ayisi-Boateng stated that he would give NPP members priority when considering new recruits.

This government is doing its best to create job opportunities and me for instance, I told my people over there [that], it is because of NPP that I’m here, so the NPP man is my priority," he said.

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Mr. Ayisi-Boateng's comments have sparked an uproar and has received mixed responses on social media, with some saying that his comments is not worthy of someone who holds public office. While others have stated that the diplomat has only publicly stated what already happens in public institutions, but that authorities choose not to talk about.

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