NPP's Chairman Wontumi "still" endorses Ayisi-Boateng

NPP's Chairman Wontumi "still" endorses Ayisi-Boateng

- Chairman Wontumi has also supported Mr. George Ayisi-Boateng's comments largely seen to be partisan and divisive

- He said the Ghaniaan diplomat was telling the truth so his comments are in order.

The governing New Patriotic Party's (NPP) Ashanti Regional Chairman, Mr. Bernard Antwi Boasiako has squarely thrown his behind Mr. George Ayisi-Boateng's earlier comments to the effect that New Patriotic Party (NPP) members ought to be given priority when it comes to new job opportunities.

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NPP's Chairman Wontumi "still" endorses Ayisi-Boateng

NPP's Chairman Wontumi

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While backlash and condemnation through both traditional media, and social media continue to rain on Ghana's most important diplomatic envoy to the Republic of South Africa, Mr. Boasiako, popularly known has Chairman Wontumi, has staunchly supported the embattled diplomat.

According to Chairman Wontumi, Mr. George Ayisi-Boateng's initial comment that NPP members ought to be given priority is justified because NPP members's "sacrificed" a lot to see the party win last December's general elections.

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Speaking to Abusua FM, a station based in Accra, Chairman Wontumi expressed his supported for Mr. Ayisi-Boateng's initial position, and added that once party members have been catered for, the rest of the citizenry would bee catered for.

If there’s any opportunity, we will make sure our party people are giving priority and if there is any extra chance after taking care of our people, we can then give it to the people.” Said Chairman Wontumi, adding, “We will support him any day… we support anything Onipanua has said because it’s the truth.

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Though Chairman Wontumi has endorsed Ghana's High Commissioner to South Africa, the embattled diplomat has recently issued a stated recanting his comments deemed by many to be divisive and partisan, and rendered an unqualified apology to the Presidency, and the Ghanaian people.

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