24-year-old cancer survivor shares amazing story of her battle and victory (photos)

24-year-old cancer survivor shares amazing story of her battle and victory (photos)

A 24-year-old cancer survivor identified as Jessica Geneva Florence has shared the story of how she won the battle against cancer.

The young lady revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 22 years old. Florence shared her story on the last day of her cancer treatment on her Instagram page.

According to her, when she was diagnosed she never believed that she could ever see herself as a woman again.

Florence explained that she thought the cancer took away the only thing that made her feel like a woman.

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She also gave a shout out to other women who survived breast cancer. She said the women were her inspiration to survive.

The beautiful lady said the experience taught her to love again, to also love herself and who she would become.

Read what she wrote below:

“FIRST OF ALL ... My name is Jessica Geneva Florence. I am now 24 years old, and I survived , better yet SLAYED breast cancer! Death to this silent monster!!! I am finally putting you to rest. Today I had my last treatment and it feels so amazing to reach the finish line !! When I was diagnosed at the age of 22, I never thought I would ever feel like the same woman I was before I lost the only thing I knew, made me a woman. To the freedom and liberation I feel is like no other .You constantly battle that feeling of being pretty and hideous as if you're the monster who killed the only you you knew. Big shouts to @ihartericka because it is most definitely a lonely personal battle..she inspires me to not be afraid to get out there and love again , and most importantly to love who I am , what I've endured, and who I will be come. October has come to an end yet we feel this is the only time to bring awareness and support breast cancer. We will honor ALL fighters and ALL survivors year round ! We will not be celebrated for just one month ! #breastcancerawareness#cancersucks #mastectomy #expanders #melaninpoppin #breastcancer#breastimplantremoval - @nemosnaps Thanks for this amazing vision and creation."

Cancer is a deadly disease that involves abnormal cell growth in vital parts of the body. Symptoms include a lump, prolonged cough, unexpected weight loss and abnormal bleeding.

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Some cancer treatments are sometimes harmful to the body of the patient due to the effect of the treatment in the body system. It is sometimes treated with a combination of radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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