Woman shares photos of fake eggs reportedly spotted in Nigeria (photos)

Woman shares photos of fake eggs reportedly spotted in Nigeria (photos)

An unidentified woman has cried out on social media after she allegedly bought fake eggs from a store in Abuja, Nigeria.

According to her, she bought the eggs while she was grocery shopping. She explained that she got a crate of egg only to find out they were fake.

The woman expressed that she noticed that they were bad after she baked a cake with it and later boiled one to eat.

She further listed the differences between the fake eggs and good eggs. She said the yoke is solid and it never breaks apart.

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Fake Goods

Photo Source: Nairaland

Read below:

"So, I went to the market on Monday to shop for household items and amongst them, I got my crate of eggs. On Tuesday, I used some to bake a cake as that's what my daughter prefers as snacks. I noticed my cake didn't quite feel and taste as usual but I didn't suspect the eggs until last night.

So I took an egg, boiled it and behold, that was when I realised, what I have been seeing on YouTube was in my kitchen. I was shocked and upset. I know its the handwork of all these Chinese people in Abuja, building hidden factories everywhere.

Dear Nigerians, we can't keep quiet. We can't let them come in to our country and destroy it! If you are reading this and you belong to any organisation that can do something, please, for the sake of the health of innocent children, please raise dust on this matter.

Long story cut short, I will like to clearly tell us how to identify these evil eggs.

1) the eggs in the crate are suspiciously of similar size

2) when you break it, it is too perfect, like, even when I was breaking it into my cake batter, it will hit the batter and the yoke will still be intact. The yoke is so intact, you can pick it up severally and even play with it on your palms.

3) when boiled, it just doesn't feel right. With regular egg,you can mash the yoke with your thumb, between your fingers, with this, its like ,how can I describe this. Its like plastic, it comes apart in big crumbs.

4) I saw in a video, that when you fry it, the yoke disappears and you have just white

Well they have improved on their evil work, now when you break the egg into a frying pan, the yoke will just go and sit in a corner till the heat melts whatever they used to sac it in.

5) the shell. You can literally peal away all the coating from inside the shell, please I don't know what its called, the inner of the shell, a transparent film like coating, that one. The fake egg has it too but you can literally peal it off and when you do ,put it on your open fire, you will be shocked, it melts like nylon bag.

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I will go back to the seller and ask for the contact of the supplier. To be fair on her, I have been buying eggs from that shop for years and when I wanted to buy these, she complained that eggs are scarce and that they just managed to get that batch

I don't think she knew tho that they are factory produced eggs. I will find out."

Fake Goods

Photo Source: Nairaland

Source: Yen.com.gh

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