Jamie Foxx offers Katie Holmes an open marriage, acknowledges having a wandering eye on other women

Jamie Foxx offers Katie Holmes an open marriage, acknowledges having a wandering eye on other women

- Now that the pair is starting to talk about marriage, Foxx has had to come clean about his preferences

- The star wants to be able to see other women while still dating Holmes

Foxx has been seen flirting with another celebrity stars which seems to solidify the story that he wants an open relationship.

According to reports, Foxx doesn’t see Holmes as marriage material.

Now that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have made their romance public, there have been numerous stories claiming that the stars are thinking about becoming husband and wife. The pair might also be looking into having children together.

While Holmes wants a traditional marriage, Foxx has finally confessed that he wants an open marriage. According to Radar Online, Foxx had hidden his true feelings from Holmes for years.

But now that their relationship is out in the open, Holmes will have to face up to Foxx’s feelings about marriage. Radar shared that, “He wants to keep seeing her and hanging out, but there are other women in his life he is not prepared to give up. Jamie has even encouraged Katie to start seeing other guys if she wants to!”

“He’s ducked this issue for years, but finally figured it was the right thing to put Katie out of her misery and tell her where she stands. The fact is, Jamie’s never going to be a one-woman guy, and as much as he digs her, Katie’s not marriage material in his eyes.”

It seems that even though these came as shocking news to Holmes, she’s decided to just deal with it because she loves Foxx. Radar stated that even though she loves Foxx, she had no desire to get married and to have more children.

The actress was willing to settle with Foxx’s terms. Holmes enjoys the freedom she has with Foxx.

Radar revealed that the couple didn’t need to constantly be together, and they had a really solid bond of trust. Holmes also loved that Foxx was a private person and that he wasn’t all showbiz and fame.

The actress’ daughter, Suri, also adores him too, and Foxx is great with her. Holmes leads a regular, normal and down-to-earth kind of life now, and she could not be happier, reported Radar.

Proof of Foxx’s desire to have an open marriage came when he was seen flirting with Eva Longoria not long ago. This proved that he still had “wandering eyes” for the ladies.

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