Lil Win reveals intent to go back to school

Lil Win reveals intent to go back to school

Celebrated Kumawood actor, Kwadwo Naksah, popularly known as Lil Win has revealed that he intends to finish his studies soon since he dropped out of school and was unable to finish initially.

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Lil Win reveals intent to go back to school

Lil Win

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According to Lil Win, he was only able to get up to class six back in his school days, but expressed an intent to finish school since he believes that those who do finish gain something out of it.

Commenting on the issue, Lil Win stated that the even now he's still "learning", and that back in his school days, he was always the last in class. He stated that he always got nervous at sunrise because of his position in class.

"I didn’t complete JHS. I was always carrying the last position in class. Before the sun comes up for school, my heart usually starts to beat faster than usual."

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Lil Win, speaking in an interview with Hit'z FM's Andy Dosty no the Daybreak Show on Friday, November 3rd, the popular Kumawood actor also revealed that due to his low performance in school, moving one class to another wasn't always completely his doing.

“I stopped in class six. All the teachers knew that I was not performing so they sometimes sympathized with me to be promoted…” he said.

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The Kumawood actor went on to say that if he finished his studies back then, he would've been able to do much better in the entertainment industry. He also urged parents to stop involving their children in instances o child labor, but rather to endeavor to keep their kids in school where they can benefit from it.

Yes If I was educated, I would have surpassed the level I am now. Someone might finish Legon and be selling maize but that should not stop anyone. School can back you. Attached to your blessings you will go very far…” he related.

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