Michelle Obama's White House photographer shares stunning behind-the-scenes moments from her job

Michelle Obama's White House photographer shares stunning behind-the-scenes moments from her job

- Amanda Lucidon was the White House photographer covering first lady Michelle Obama

- She recently shared her memories working the Obamas at the White House

She had one of the best jobs ever – she was doing what she loved with a person who become a mentor and role model.

Amanda Lucidon was a White House photographer whose primary job was to chronicle first lady Michelle Obama.

Lucidon was tasked with giving us candid shots of the first lady, and she did a good job giving us many noteworthy moments.

“To be one of the few female photographers in White House history was really special. But on top of that, just to work for the administration that appointed more women and minorities than any other administration; that was a real special thing,” said Lucidon during an interview on ‘Good Morning America’.

The photographer revealed that one of the challenges she faced was she lived in constant fear of arriving too late, getting left behind and being unable to do her job.

Another challenge that Lucidon faced was running.

“I’m 5’4” and the first lady is much taller, so even when she’s walking, I’m running,” said Lucidon, who also had to run most of the time to stay ahead of the first lady as she arrived at various places so as to capture people’s reactions to encountering the first lady.

From traveling to 20 countries to visiting countless U.S. cities, Lucidon was in close proximity to Michelle and got to see her interact with many people on different levels.

She came to admire the first lady, who became a mentor and role model to the photographer.

“She has always been a shining example of the light I was chasing in my own life,” says Lucidon. “Watching her through the lens of my camera, I learned so much about myself and the life I wanted to create.”

Those are some of the personal reflections Lucidon shares in her book, ‘Chasing Light’, which is a photographic story of her candid images of Michelle and her family and is filled with the lessons she learned along the way.

The photographer revealed that there are many personal photos that have previously not been seen that show a personal side of the first lady.

Lucidon says that her time working with the Obamas was very transformative for her.

Says Lucidon:

“I found confidence. I learned about myself. I learned about pushing boundaries. I learned about embracing my own story and my own background. The first lady always taught us the challenges that you’ve encountered in your life are actually your strengths. They’re not your weaknesses. They’re the things that teach you resilience.”

Source: Yen.com.gh

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