5 things Ghanaians should never do when they are completely broke

5 things Ghanaians should never do when they are completely broke

Being broke is something that many people dread and would not like to be associated with because of the pressure that comes with it including the need to go in for loans to carry you through the rest of the month.

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5 things Ghanaians should never do when they are broke

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Even though many people try hard to save money and go on ahead to spend within their budgets, there comes a time when you would hit rock bottom.

One might not be able to rule out being broke but there are some life hacks you can use when these desperate times arise.

Today, YEN.com.gh brings you some 5 things you should never consider when you realize that you are broke.

1. Look down on job offers

When you are broke, it is highly probable that you might be unemployed. It would be expedient not to look down on jobs that come your way. You would need to take up any job that comes your way so far as it is legal and you are assured of some income at the end of the month. Being low on cash is not a good thing so it is not the opportune time for you to be selective with jobs. You would need to do some jobs until you are able to be comfortable enough to be selective when job offers come your way.

2. Making Excuses

Being broke has causative factors and to be able to get financial freedom, you should be able to get to the root of what caused your predicament and try your best possible to avoid the mistakes that got you into the situation in the first place. You would also need to look out for certain signs that would lead you to make excuses to spend more.

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3. Piling up bills

When you realize that you are broke, you would need to cut back on some products and services that you used to enjoy. It would be ‘suicidal’ to keep on piling bills to pay at a later date when you can simply cut of the service and resume it when you are comfortable enough to enjoy them. You would need to offset all old bills and debts and cutback on the ‘not so necessary’ services.

4. Going out ‘chilling’ with friends

This is a complete no-no when you are broke. Aside the fun and the thrill on catching up on old times, night outs with friends cost a lot of money and it would not be the ‘wisest’ thing to do when you are low on cash. Even if someone would be willing to foot the bill and you would have to refund at a later time, it would be best to ignore the invitation just to be on the safer side.

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5. Spending your savings

The worst thing to do when you are broke is to dip your hand into your savings as a fallback plan. This action depletes the efforts you have put in to store up some many for important activities in the future. You should guard against such spending.

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