Ghanaian student wins German government award

Ghanaian student wins German government award

- Ghanaian student is among 25 student's from around the world to be award the German government's Green Talent Award

- His research has to do with using more sustainable and environmentally friendly material in road construction

- Him and 24 others were chosen from a pool of 602 applicants

A Ghanaian student by the name of Eyram Norgbey has been awarded the German Green Talent Award for his research on ways to promote sustainable environmental development.

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Ghanaian student wins German government award

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Twenty-seven-year-old Eyram Norgbey, a graduate student of Environmental Science and Engineering in the University of Hahoi, China, has been honored with a Green Talent Award, a prestigious award put together by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Eyram Norgbey, along with 24 other award winners from 25 countries, were selected by an esteemed panel of German experts to win the award from a pool of 602 applicants from 95 countries.

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The awards, which were held at a beautiful ceremony in Berlin, Germany, was attended by Ghana's Ambassador to Germany, Madam Gina Blay. Award winners will be given unprecedented access to Germany's research elite in order to help them further their research.

Eyram Norgbey's award winning research has to do with using industrial waste product material to replace asphalt in the building of roads as opposed to the common use of asphalt in road construction.

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In his research, Eyram Norgbey substitutes asphalt with lignin, a more sustainable environmentally friendly waste bi-product made from the paper making and corn industry.

Asphalt modification with Lignin will produce cheaper, sustainable and environmentally-friendly composite material for sustainable permeable roads construction development,” said Eyram Norgbey at the award ceremony.

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