Social media users debate on the issue of money and love

Social media users debate on the issue of money and love

There is an old age question which always leads to endless debates whenever it comes up and the main opponents of this debate are women against men.

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Whenever the question of money and love are posed to people, they give their own reasons why the two subjects can go with or without each other. Some people argue that money can solve any problem on earth; including helping one find a life partner.

Any time this question, “Can money buy love?” is posed to people, they tend to argue that love comes from the heart and cannot be influenced by external factors such as ones wealth.

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Some cited examples of ‘poor’ men getting married to pretty ladies as evidence that money can indeed not buy love. Some people however also argue that some people were able to use their wealth to ‘control’ the emotions of other people giving credence to the fact that money can sometimes buy love.

There seems not to be an end to this debate and it would be fair to say that there is still no clear cut answer to this question.

Some readers think money and love can thrive separately while others thing the two concepts go hand in hand.

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