5 products that Ghanaians have stereotyped for same products from other brands

5 products that Ghanaians have stereotyped for same products from other brands

Ghanaians always want to live a very simplified life devoid of any sophisticated complications. Just like the way many people would not like to complicate matters for themselves, Ghanaians have been found to generalize things a lot.

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5 products that Ghanaians have stereotyped for other brands

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There have been many products and services in the past that have long since gone off the market in Ghana but some people have eventually managed to generalize products and they have become stereotypes.

Some brands that have emerged in recent times have come to take on names of brands that long since existed before the coming of newer brands.

Ghanaians however would rather refer to new products by old names even though they were not manufactured by the same companies.

Today, YEN.com.gh brings to you some product names that have been referred to the products of other companies for such a long time that they have become stereotyped.

1. Pepsodent

The toothpaste has become so popular in Ghana that any other toothpaste brand is referred to as “Pepsodent”. The brand had grown to become so strong that even if you intended to buy a different brand of toothpaste, you would find yourself asking for “Pepsodent”.

2. Keysoap

Keysoap has become synonymous with washing soap. Anyone who intended to buy soap for washing would refer to that brand because it has long. The brand of soap known as Keysoap is a household name and it has come to be synonymous with soap.

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3. Frytol

Instead of saying cooking oil, you would see and hear many Ghanaians refer to cooking oil as frytol because the oil company. The company had a lot of adverts airing on TV and it grew to become a household name. Many Ghanaians even memorized the theme song in the TV commercial of the oil product.

4. Indomie

Instant noodles have become a delicacy in Ghana. We bet many people did not know that the evening meal was known originally as Noodles. The meal has become so popular that many people vendors have found more and more sophisticated ways of making the meal appealing to all customers. To a Ghanaian, all noodles are known as “Indomie”

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5. Milo

The morning beverage has been in existence in the country for a very long time and many people who enjoy morning beverages would opt to have a cup of Milo over any other cocoa or chocolate drink. Many consumers would rather say milo when they intend to say cocoa or chocolate drink. Milo has therefore become so stereotyped that it is used to refer to the same beverage from other brands.

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