Pastors are using tithe to “blackmail” - Sam Okudzeto

Pastors are using tithe to “blackmail” - Sam Okudzeto

Council of State member Sam Okudzetu has criticised some pastors for using the Bible to dupe members of their monies, all in the name of tithing.

According to him, tithing in church has now become exploitation, with pastors using certain quotations in the Bible to cover up their dubious dealings.

Pastors are using tithe to “blackmail” - Sam Okudzeto

"I don't pay tithe," Mr Okudzeto said.

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He went on the state that most men of God misquote certain verses in the Bible, including Malachi 3:10, to “blackmail” their members to give out their money as tithe.

Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana show, Mr Okudzetu said: “I have argued with pastors that they are using the tithe as a ruse to blackmail people to give money and I said it is wrong. I give, I don’t go and give tithe. And I give not only to church, I give to church, I give to people who have need, I help those who I think are in a situation where they need help.

I don’t pay tithe because that’s Old Testament concept and I’ve told the pastors that they are wrong because they are using Malachi to entice people to collect money from them and that money that goes to them does not help the poor and the needy. They do not, no.”

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He added that God blesses based on one’s devotion towards worshipping Him, and not based on one’s tithing, calling on Christians to rather focus on giving to the needy.

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