Revealed! The real reason why Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx hide their relationship

Revealed! The real reason why Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx hide their relationship

- The 38-year-old actress and Dawson's Creek star, Katie Holmes, has been dating actor Jamie Foxx for years

- But there is a reason why they kept their relationship a secret

Holmes divorced from Tom Cruise on July 9, 2012. Their divorce settlement stipulated that Holmes couldn't humiliate Cruise in any way. That included talking about Scientology or publicly dating someone else for five years after the divorce.

On October 28, 2017, it was reported that Holmes and Foxx made their first public appearance on Labor Day, but they are still keeping their relationship as private as possible.

They were seen strolling along a Malibu beach September 3, 2017, but have not been photographed together since. According to Meaww, the couple has been dating since 2013.

While Foxx was spotted at musician Drake's birthday celebrations on October 24, 2017, Katie was spending quality time with her daughter, 11-year-old Suri.

According to Meaww, they might be spending time apart because Foxx is hesitant to make their relationship status public. Holmes, however, is tired of the secrecy.

Meaww stated that Holmes is proud of having Foxx in her life. She longs for a 'normal' relationship in which they could go on public outings without Cruise's shadow hanging over them.

Foxx was a friend of Cruise in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Holmes met Foxx in 2006 when she attended a football game with Cruise and Foxx.

For now, the couple choose to keep their relationship private, even though Holmes reassured Foxx that the five-year-clause in the divorce settlement holds no power anymore.

Meaww reported that Suri is fond of Foxx, and approves of her mother's relationship. Suri recently made headlines when it came to light that Cruise hasn't seen his daughter in nearly four years.

Fans were speculating if Cruise's affiliation to Scientology might be the reason. Holmes has custody of Suri and is her primary carer.


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