Zimbabwe's war veterans stand for removal of Mugabe

Zimbabwe's war veterans stand for removal of Mugabe

- War veterans of Zimbabwe mean it is time for Mugabe to step down

- They stand behind the military takeover that reportedly took place on Wednesday morning

- Zuma and the EFF weigh in on the current situation of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's war veterans stand for removal of Mugabe

Military chief General, Constantino Chiwenga, threaten that the army will step in if Mugabe continues to purge political members in order to help his wife secure the vice presidency position.

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The threat has caused quite a stir, with people reporting military vehicles just outside Harare. A report has since been made that the president and his family is safe.

Zimbabwe's war veterans stand for removal of Mugabe

But, there are those who agree that Mugabe’s time is up and he should step down. EFF leader Malema commented recently that Mugabe is hurting his legacy by staying on as president.

Now, the country’s War Veterans Association says it is time that Robert Mugabe is removed.

Victor Matemadanda, who is part of the Association, praised the military takeover at a briefing, saying it is "for the good of Zimbabwe".

Yen.com.gh learned from Eyewitness News that the country's military captured power early on Wednesday morning targeting so-called "criminals".

It has been reported that the location of Mugabe is still unknown. However, Zuma has confirmed that he spoke to Mugabe earlier on Wednesday, giving assurance that Zimbabwe’s president is fine.

“I have also contacted his Excellency President Mugabe whom I had time to talk to and he is fine but confined in his home.”

According to Zuma, a representative has been send to meet with Mugabe.

Zuma continued by saying: “Of course, given the seriousness of the situation I have taken a decision to send an envoy to be able to contact the leaders of the defence force who have undertaken the operation but also to meet with President Mugabe.”

Zuma called for peace and control to be exercised.

He continues by saying: “We are hoping that this situation is going to be controlled so that peace and stability come back to Zimbabwe.”

As Yen.com.gh previously reported, the EFF asked the South African government to provide Mugabe with political asylum in order for a peaceful takeover of Zimbabwe.

“For the interest of peace that Mugabe and his family are given political asylum in South Africa. The level of detail of that can be discussed by the government but in order for a peaceful transition, to allow the transition to happen as quickly as possible..."

The EFF's Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said: “The EFF is of a strong belief and view that President Robert Mugabe must hand over political power to the next generation and should not allow his name to be used for the further degeneration of a country he led to political liberation."

Along with Zuma and the EFF, other countries weigh in on the unfolding situation in Zimbabwe.

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson says while it is difficult to predict how the situation will turn out, the most important thing is for a stable and successful Zimbabwe to emerge.

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The European Union, meanwhile, is calling for dialogue in Zimbabwe and a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

As part of boarder security procedures given to the French emigrants, the French school in Zimbabwe has been closed.

At the same time, the government of Botswana has called upon residents to avoid travelling to Zimbabwe.

The Zanu-PF youths have warned the military that they are ready to die for Mugabe. The Zimbabwean Communist Party is pointing the finger to the ruling party Zanu-PF, accusing them of creating the current hostile environment in the country.

Zimbabwe's war veterans stand for removal of Mugabe

The party commented that the country is now under the control of the military, and suggests that the military organise an urgent meeting with stakeholders, to plan the future an interim government.

General Secretary Nicholas Mabhena says the army should assure the safety of the general public in its mission to change what he has labelled as a looting state to a constitutionally abiding one.

“Zimbabweans in their generality are peace loving people and they want to see peace prevailing. We are calling for an urgent consultation to say, ‘under these conditions how then do we prevail?’.”

Source: Yen.com.gh

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