For ladies! 7 ways to know if he wants to be your husband

For ladies! 7 ways to know if he wants to be your husband

It is the dream of every lady to find the man of her dreams. More so, it is the dream of every woman to hear the man of her dreams as the golden question, "Will you marry me?".

For ladies! 7 ways to know if he wants to be your husband

For ladies! 7 ways to know if he wants to be your husband

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Relationships in Ghana mostly turn out to be disappointing when the man barely expresses interest to settle down. In this article, we shall explore some signs which show how ready a guy is.

1. He introduces you to his friends as his lover

If a guy fails to introduce you to his friends as his girlfriend then you may want to think twice. This means that he is never thinking of you as a marriage material. But if he introduces you to his female friends then just know you are the number one in his heart.

2. He thinks about the future with you

Does your boyfriend often ask you about plans for the future? If so then you must know that he is so much interested in sharing a future with you. Gentlemen who are interested in spending the rest of their lives with you will always want to find about your plans for the future. This means that he is interested in getting to know if you also have him in mind.

3. He introduces you to his family

Not every guy would love to introduce their ladies to their close circle. But things tend to change when he starts to introduce you to friends and family. Family ties are very deep ties. And this means that a guy has finally settled on you only if the very family he trusts get to know you.

4. He takes you to pre-marriage counseling

Pre-nuptial counseling is a session for young and prospective couples to engage relationship experts on the best nuggets for a successful marriage. Now, let's be very clear on this...not every guy will allow following a lady to a prenuptial wedding. And this can be clearly seen when he now becomes interested in getting counseling.

5. He shares with you his dark past

Thinking about marriage also means planning to start one's life with a clean slate. We are all not saints, we have past lives we always wish to keep to ourselves. But for a guy to reveal his sensitive history to you shows how prepared he is to starting a new life with you.

6. He places you first before any other woman

For a man be severely interested in having you as his wife, he would do everything possible to grant you all your heart desires even if it means forgetting about the needs and wants of his sisters. A would-be husband will go the extra mile to just make you happy.

7. He always wants to be around you, even in bad times

Most guys will want to give their ladies the space she needs should things turn out sour but this is never the case with a guy who just wants to move the world to make you a happy woman and wife-to-be. is building a platform where Ghanaians can share local news and own experiences with each other.

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