Bola Ray advocates for empathy

Bola Ray advocates for empathy

- Bola Ray has spoken out against instances of people judging others without knowing their circumstances

- He said he too was misjudged when he was still an up-and-coming DJ in his youth

- He said in Ghana people tend to assume and label others without trying to know what's going on in their lives

Mr. Nathan Anokye Adisi, popularly known to Ghanaians as Bola Ray, has spoken against people readily judging others purely based on their appearances, and urged people to be more empathetic.

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Bola Ray advocates for empathy

Bola Ray

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Bola Ray, who was speaking at an event held in honor of CEOs Under 40, criticized instances where people quickly judge others on the surface without taking time to know their situations in life using examples from his own life experience.

Bola Ray recounted times when he was still in school, saying that on several occasions people jumped to the conclusion that he didn't want to go to school because he loved being a Disc Jock.

"The money was coming through because I needed to pay my school fees but in all of this, apart from the fees, it was the passion,” said Bola Ray.

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The CEO of EIB group of companies revealed that he started off from playing at the Kaneshie Sports Complex, and also played at Labadi Beach.

People would see Bola Ray at Aphrodisiac Night Club on the microphone on a Friday, then when they saw him there on Saturday they'd assume he didn't want to go to school or that he loved going to the club.

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"It wasn’t about the club," he said, "We needed to pay the fees and we needed to keep body and soul together.

Bola Ray went on to say that Ghanaians tend to be quick to judge and label people without necessarily knowing about peoples's lives.

Sometimes don’t judge anybody that you see because you never know their hustle," he said.

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