brings you five strange pictures of pastors performing ‘miracles’ brings you five strange pictures of pastors performing ‘miracles’

Over the past years, astonishing miracles have been performed by some ‘men of God’.

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Incredible pictures of pastors performing ‘miracles’

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Some of the miracles have been said or appear to be dangerous rather than spiritual.

The pastors who perform them have been widely tagged “fake” pastors who perform ‘fake’ miracles that are not from God.

It is widely speculated that the majority of these ‘miracle pastors’ can be found in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, Ghana and other countries have also had their fair share of these ‘men of God’

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Consider a pastor spanking his church female members all in the name of miracles.

What would you make of a pastor who ordered his church members to chew green grasses like a goat does?

And can you imagine a pastor asking a female church member to meet him at a hotel at night for specific instructions on a more powerful miracle?

Perhaps you may also have similar stories to tell concerning this.

Alarming though, is how and why only women are always the ones at the mercy of these strange miracles.

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Only a handful of men are seen benefitting from miracles.

This makes the whole thing look like miracles are made for only women.

Recently, one of Ghana’s famous and controversial pastors, ordered his church members to bring him their underwear for a miracle.

The self-styled ‘Angel of God’ says he had received a directive from God to collect brassieres and pants to be used for miracles for the owners.

This sparked a commotion in the media and Ghanaians at large reacted to this direction.

The miracles have provoked some concerns among some Ghanaians.

Have a look at five of them gathered by

1. In this picture, the woman lay on the floor as this pastor touches her private parts with his fingers as he presses his hand against the woman’s abdomen.

A pastors performing miracles

2. In this picture, the pastor is seen touching private areas of this woman with both the eyes of the pastor and woman closed.

Incredible miracle

3. For this pastor, feeding this church member with a bottle full of antiseptic is the surest way to get miracles working for her.

Antiseptic miracle?

4. This picture has a huge speaker placed on the woman’s abdomen as she lay on the floor with the pastor sitting on it. The health implication of this act is obvious.

dangerous miracle

5. In this final picture, Ghana’s own Obinim kicks this woman in her abdomen to perform a pregnancy miracle for her.

Our own Obinim in a miracle

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