6 clever ways of not becoming a mental patient at work

6 clever ways of not becoming a mental patient at work

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has singled out the workplace to be one of the places which impact how healthy or sick you could be.

6 clever ways of not becoming a mental patient at work

6 clever ways of not becoming a mental patient at work

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This was contained in a report aimed at raising awareness on mental health across the world. This is part of ways to commemorate World Mental Health Day 2017.

According to the World Health Organisations (WHO), stress at the workplace often affects one's mental health. What this means is that the menace of depression, dementia, insomnia ( advanced sleep disorders), and even emotional flushes are clear signs of work-related mishaps.

In fact, the Ghana Mental Health Authority reveals that close to 4 million Ghanaians suffer mental health challenges today.

Ghana faces serious problems in the area of mental health but the main psychiatric hospital in Accra is out of logistics and medical staff.

"A negative working environment, on the other hand, may lead to physical and mental health problems, harmful use of substances or alcohol, absenteeism and lost productivity," the WHO revealed.

YEN.com.gh has the full report on mental health in this link.

With millions of Ghanaians working from an office, YEN.com.gh deems it important to share with you some tips for having a happy and peaceful mind at work.

1. Nothing goes out of the office space.

One of the main reasons for having a tough time at work is that we often drag work-related matters to our homes and social lives. What this does is getting us chained to the pain of what happened in the office.

2. Report to work on time, leave on time

One of the reasons for most cases of cardiovascular disease is mainly due to our sedentary lifestyles. But aside this, the WHO believes that consistent exposure to the rays of your computer has the potential of affecting your mental health.

3. Never trust anyone at work

Trust is a virtue and can do a lot of magic in boosting the relationship between friends and family. But this virtue can never survive in a competitive work environment where respect is the key virtue. You could be disappointed anytime at work if you decide to work with trust.

4. Office romance is a no-go

YEN.com.gh has an extensive piece on how office romance can affect your mental status at work. Relationships at work have the potential of even distorting how well you perform at work.

5. Don't be too expectant

Expect nothing at a workplace but rather, always feel grateful for what you have. Raising your hopes high has the ability to cause severe disappointments which subsequently has the potential of affecting your mental well being.

6. Don't take things "personal"

Avoid taking everything personally since this has the potential of affecting your general mental outlook. After all, your salary matters. Use your assets to get happiness.

You must take these tips very seriously because the World Health Organisation (WHO) reveals that more than 300 million people across the world suffer from depression while more than 260 million are living with anxiety disorders.

We are, as a world economy, losing US$ 1 trillion each year in lost productivity due to mental disorders.

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Source: Yen.com.gh

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