7 annoying things every Ghanaian woman hates about their man

7 annoying things every Ghanaian woman hates about their man

In our previous article, we outlined the seven things that ladies should avoid doing while dating a Ghanaian man. The list was to help ladies firm up their relationships so as to make it strong and promising.

Never do these 7 things when dating a Ghanaian woman
Never do these 7 things when dating a Ghanaian woman

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This article will be focusing on the very things that men should avoid doing when dating a Ghanaian lady. Many times we tend to blame women whenever relationships go wrong forgetting that some, if not most of the fault came from us.

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Go through this list to explore the very things you do which pushes your woman away...especially if she is Ghanaian.

1. When you fail to look in her eyes when talking

Eye contact is very important in a relationship. Here is Ghana, failure to look someone in the eye when communicating with them gives out a bad impression. It is worse in a relationship as the lady will feel you are just not interested in connecting with her.

2. When you talk so much about how "hot" your ex is

Yes, we know you had wonderful moments with your ex but get to know that your ex is no more! Why share the wonderful times you had with your ex when your current lover is around? This is not only disrespectful but a clear indication that your current girl is just a spare tire.

3. When you smell like you are quarreling with your bathroom

Poor hygiene is what turns all ladies off. Thankfully, they never leave us but rather try their best to shape us and make us the best we can ever be. But a Ghanaian lady will take her own decision about her guy when he just fails to take his personal hygiene seriously. No two ways about that!

4. When you always give excuses about meeting the family

Meeting the family is one of the surest ways a Ghanaian lady can tell if her man is truly in for her. Most fake guys shun the idea of meeting the lady's family especially when they have a negative agenda in the relationship. This is the greatest test of every Ghanaian lady and the guys must pass it.

5. When you fall in love with your phone instead of her

The most annoying thing that could ever happen in a relationship is when a guy locks his eyes on his phone when his woman is speaking to him. This does not only show disrespect but also a lack of interest in whatever is being said. A lady would think twice when this happens consistently.

6. When you are not spiritual

One of the pillars of every Ghanaian home is spirituality. In fact, Ghanaian marriages are all grounded on the principles of religion. What this means is that if you have a negative reaction to things of the spirit, this would mean that you are not all that interested in having a lasting marriage with your woman. Religion is key when it comes to a Ghanaian lady.

7. When your wallet is always empty

No one wants to build a life around a man who is not financially stable. In fact, Ghanaian ladies always feel secure when their men are at least able to take care of himself and maybe her as well. This means that to date a Ghanaian girl and possibly marry her, you will need to find a job and start earning a meaningful income. The key word here is "meaningful".

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