Chinaman does remake of Big Shaq's "Man's not hot"

Chinaman does remake of Big Shaq's "Man's not hot"

A young Asian man has made his own version of UK based Ghanaian rapper, Big Shaq's "Man's not Hot" song and called it "Man's know maths".

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Chinaman does remake of Big Shaq's "Man's not hot"

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What began as some like a comedy skit for Ghanaian artiste Big Shaq, has truly turned into his breakthrough moment in the global music industry. Not too long ago Big Shaq released the official video for his hit song "Man's Not Hot", and it seems that it's inspired others to do their own versions.

In a video that's received over 7,000 views on Facebook, an Asian young man inspired by Big Shaq's hig song may have hilariously helped proliferate the stereotype that Asians are good at mathematics in the most creative way.

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As opposed to Big Shaq's complaint that he's not hot, this guys rap was all about how good he is at mathematics. On the other hand, don't be surprised if you find yourselves tapping your feet and bobbing your head to his "sick" lyrics, 'cause they're not that bad...Actually, he's pretty good.

Checkout the funny video below:

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