Manasseh Azuri on the life and death of KABA

Manasseh Azuri on the life and death of KABA

- Manasseh's has written a tribute to his fallen friend and colleague, KABA

- He said that KABA was famous but was neither arrogant nor snobbish

- He said life is like checking into a hotel where you leave everything behind when you have to check out

Well known Ghanaian investigative journalist, Manasseh Azuri Awuni, has written a heartfelt tribute to his fallen friend and comrade, Kwadwo Asare-Baffour Acheampong, better known to Ghanaians as KABA, who passed away over the weekend after a short illness.

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Manasseh Azuri on the life and death of KABA

Manasseh Azuri

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In his tribute to the late veteran broadcaster, Manasseh Awuni Azuri wrote that he met KABA at a restaurant two days before he passed away. He related that the veteran broadcaster's demeanor was uncharacteristically quite, and that [KABA] he left without saying goodbye to Mannasseh, which was not like him.

Speaking about KABA's memory, Manasseh said though he's always doubted the sincerity of tributes, those made to KABA's memory are a true representations of his personality. He expressed that unlike most TV or radio personalities, KABA was not affected by the usual negative character traits that plagues celebrities.

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"Kaba was a household name. He earned fame. But he learnt to tame them..."

"Most radio and TV personalities tend to be arrogant and snobbish, as if the whole world were a delicate egg that rested on their shoulders ... They walk about with the presence of mind that they are the best things that ever happened to humanity after Jesus Christ." Wrote Manasseh.

Manassseh also commented on what KABA's death will mean for those he left behind, the organization he worked for, his parents, his wife, and his seven-month-old daughter who'll only understand the severity of her father's death when she's older.

Mannaseh goes on to say that life is like checking into a hotel, a temporary home. And that just like a hotel, when you're checking out you leave everything you met in the hotel, at the hotel.

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"So like each one of us, Kaba lived in a hotel. The difference between this proverbial hotel of life and the real life hotel is that occupants of the former have no idea when they are checking out. That makes it even more worrying. Besides, in the hotel of life, you don’t check out with your own belongings." Wrote Manasseh.

Manasseh Azuri concludes by emphasizing that no one knows when, where, and how they'll "check out" of the proverbial hotel, and that all will leave empty handed. He writes that what will matter most will be the impact we make in other people's lives.

"The noblest of all human achievements are within the reach of every human soul."

"May Kaba rest in peace. And may we live in peace." Writes Manasseh.

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