Nurses of Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital commence strike

Nurses of Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital commence strike

- Nurses at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital have gone on Strike

- The nurses demand the dismissal of the facility's Medical Director

- They've rejected an apology from the medical Director and proceeded to go on strike

Nurses stationed at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in the Central Region have of officially begun a strike action demanding that government remove the hospital's Managing Director (MD).

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Nurses of Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital commence strike

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Healthcare providers at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in the Central Region have finally decided to follow through and go on strike since their demand that the facilities Medical Director (MD) be dismissed has not been met.

According to the striking nurses, Dr. Eugene Dodorye - the MD - is corrupt, lacks managerial skills, and have previously accused the healthcare official of allowing hospital property to be used for private purposes.

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Among the plethora of accusations leveled against Dr. Eugene Dodorye, they've also accused him of violating the rights of healthcare providers. One specific instance of abuse the nurses alleged occurred when Dr. Dodorye punished a nurse who was absent from work even though this nurse had been excused from work after experiencing an asthma attack.

The group of disgruntled nurses's decided to go on strike On Thursday, November 23rd when their ultimatum that their demands be met by Wednesday night, November 22nd had passed. Although Dr. Eugene Dodorye has reportedly apologized for his actions, the unhappy healthcare workers have rejected his apology and proceeded to go on strike.

Mr. Malcom Ali, secretary for the group of the psychiatric nurses at Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital says the facility has temporarily halted the admission of new patients.

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Mr. Ali, commenting the facility's current patients, said that an emergency management meeting was convened and all those in-charge of various wards were asked to "as much as possible bring patients for discharge". He revealed that 11 patients had already been discharged and that eight had already been picked up by loved ones. The rest are still waiting for their families to come pick them up.

"We’ll come to work and write our names but we’ll not do anything until our hospital director is removed from the hospital... The sit down action will be observed by all the departments, the records department where a new folder will be secured will also take part, the pharmacy, laboratory, the OPD which is the gateway to the hospital will not function effectively.

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