Onboard passenger suggests pilot ignored warning signs

Onboard passenger suggests pilot ignored warning signs

- A government official who was onboard Flight S9 104 has given his version of events concerning how his flight was blown off the tarmac

- He says he initial wondered if the pilot would attempt a take-off in such bad weather

- He said other passengers were a little traumatized but that he was just fine

A Deputy Energy Minister, Mr. William Owurako Aidoo, who happened to be on-board the Starbow flight that skidded off the tarmac at Kotoka International Airport (KIA), has hinted that the flight's pilot may have disregarded warning signs.

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Starbow incident: Deputy Minister suggest pilot ignored warning signs

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According to Mr. William Owurako Aidoo, who was on Starbow Airlines Flight S9 104 from Accra to Kumasi, the pilot may have overlooked certain warning signs in his attempt to get the plane airborne before an oncoming storm reached the airport.

Mr. Owurako Aidoo, who was speaking to Ghanaweb.com, said he noticed rains from afar as he and other passengers were boarding the airport shuttle that was to take them to their flight.

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I am speculating that probably, the pilot tried to beat the oncoming clouds that were rolling in, and we taxied to the runway and the rain really caught up with us."

"So he stopped, prior to taking off proper, and I got more concerned because I could see that the rain was running down the windows very very fast when the plane was stationary, which signified to me that the wind was on the high side,” he said.

On-board passenger suggests pilot ignored warning signs

According to Deputy Energy Owurako Aidoo, right as they were about to take-off, he wondered if the pilot was actually going to attempt a take in such weather. He said that they were later blown off the runway onto the "rought".

Mr. Owurako Aidoo went on to say that being an experience traveler, he saw everything unfold as though it was in slow motion. He also stated that though other passengers were a bit more traumatized, he is just fine.

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Starbow Airlines made the headlines in April this year when passengers broke into fervent prayer after their in flight from Kumasi to Accra met severe turbulence. After unsuccessfully trying to find somewhere to land, the flight's pilot eventually announced that they would be returning to Kumasi.

See video of Mr. Owurako Aidoo's comments below:

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