64% of Ghanaians want corrupt officials jailed - Survey

64% of Ghanaians want corrupt officials jailed - Survey

A report launched by the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) has revealed that about 64% of Ghanaians are calling for the prosecution of officials who have engaged in corrupt practices.

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The report – which was conducted by research network, Afrobarometer – sampled about 2,400 respondents, who were all of the conviction that corruption cases are not being adequately tackled.

According to the report, prosecution of corrupt officials must be done in a holistic manner, rather than focusing on only past officials, as done by successive governments.

64% of Ghanaians want corrupt officials jailed - Survey

The 2,400 respondents were emphatic they want the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to retrieve monies wrongfully taken from the state kitty.

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It pointed to the recent corruption allegations leveled against the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff, Francis Asenso-Boakye, and Abu Jinapor, insisting it was a classic example.

Sections of the report read: “Most Ghanaians perceive some informal leaders, public and private sector officials as corrupt. The perception is worse for officials in the public sector.

“Most Ghanaians think that governments over the years have been very swift in prosecuting and punishing corrupt officials belonging to opposition parties. Nevertheless, the majority believe the current government performed well in fighting corruption.

 The report also captured perceptions which named some informal leaders, public and private sector officials as also being corrupt.

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According to the Afrobarometer study, 20% of Ghanaians had no believe that the current political system in place would effectively tackle corruption.

 It stated that most Ghanaians identified the public sector as an area were corruption is most dominant.

 The figures, however, indicated that majority of the sampled respondents were optimistic that the current government will take up the challenge to fight corruption.

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