Parents advised to put their children first before matters of work

Parents advised to put their children first before matters of work

A concerned mother Ester Namboko has advised parents to always put the welfare of their wards first before work or anything else.

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According to her, most parents prefer to rather entrust the well-being of their children into the hands of other people, rather than doing it themselves.

She explained that children are better taken care of when with their true parents, adding that parents must always put their children first before anything else.

Parents advised to put their children first before matters of work

Esther Namboka shared this photo on her Facebook page

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In a Facebook post, Mrs Namboko recounted how some caretakers become clueless when tasked with taking care of children.

According to her, parents these days would rather prioritise matters of work over their wards.

Read the full post below (unedited):

Am chairing a meeting in the office and mid way, I get a call from school, my son isn't well. I don't think twice, I adjourn the meeting. I get into the car and I drive 120km/hr, yes I did!
Am in the hospital and we are getting first aid at the emergency room. While there, I over hear this conversation;
Nurse, 'How old is the baby?'
Respondent,' Not sure but maybe 1 year.'
Nurse, ' Has he ever had this condition before?'
Respondent, 'I don't know.' All questions are either I don't know or maybe.
Am forced to leave my son's bedside to see who the respondent is. Its a young lady of about 18years, who seems timid. I jump in, to help the confused nurse who seems stuck with the situation. All this while, the baby is crying uncontrollably and she seems helpless. I ask her for the number of one of the parents to the baby...we are a bit lucky, we get hold of the father who tells me to call the mother. Imagine!! At that moment,wires on my side cross, I give him a piece of my mind. Am sure he will look for me some day for a Toast.
I call mama, she isn't picking for over 6times. I seem stuck, but not yet. I don't give up easily. I ask the lady, where does the mother work, am lucky she knows. I Google search for the contacts and make a call to an office landline. She knows the first name of her boss and that was enough to bail us out. If it was a bigger institution, the first name wasn't gonna help because that's all she knew. Am lucky I get hold of her and she has been in meetings whole day that's why she delegated the maid to handle the sick baby. I had a mother to mother chat and as I speak, she is attending to her baby...
We are not yet done. As I return to my son, another young girl walks in with a boy of about 4yrs who needs a cannula on his hand so that medication is administered through the vein. The boy is energetic and looks good. I imagine all is well now and am now by my sons side. As I am feeding him, I hear fights in the corridors.... Its a fight to Dodge the cannula injection by the nurse. But the girl isn't so strong to hold the child and so I join in the struggle of arm wrestling. Lol. This is real wrestling. This boy is strong, he has made me to sweat. After the fight, girl says, 'this boy only listens to his mother alone. I was not going to manage So I ask where the mother is to which am told, She is at work.....SAME PAINFUL STORY!
At this rate, I need to lock my ears to the outside so that I don't get insane and focus on the healing of my own son.
Dear parents, please do not delegate critical parental duties to anyone unless if distance dictates. Your presence quickens their healing process. And there is no amount of money, you will ever enjoy in the World without them!
For us, we shall be well!

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