Woman survives for 3 days in the wilderness thanks to her furry friends

Woman survives for 3 days in the wilderness thanks to her furry friends

- A freak accident while hiking left a Canadian woman stranded for 3 days

- Her dogs taught her basic survival skills and helped keep her warm

- Over 300 volunteers searched for her and evenutally found her far from the usual trails

A Canadian woman, Annette Poitras, showed tremendous resolve and will to survive when she went missing while on a routine hike with her dogs, Roxy a boxer, Chloe a border collie and Bubba a pug.

Yen.com.gh found that Annette's walk came to a sudden end when she slipped and slid into the basin losing her phone in the process. She injured herself and was unable to make her way back to safety.

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Her three dogs remained at her side the entire time she was stranded in the wilderness. She noticed that at night her dogs would dig a hole in the ground to keep warm.

She copied their behaviour and cleared a space in the brush and dug a shallow trench.

He husband, Marcel, was frantic with worry when his wife did not return at her usual time and called the police immediately filing a missing person report according to liftable.com.

A three-day search began, all the while Marcel refused to give up hope that his wife was still alive. Over 300 volunteers combed through the woods for over 40 hours.

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Annette was discovered when a search team heard her crying for help and the barking of her dogs. She was airlifted to safety. She was found far from the usual hiking trails which were why her rescue took so long.

The brave survivor recounted how one dog kept her warm, another kept watch while the third went in search of food. If it wasn't for her brave companions she would not have survived.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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