Ghanaian Libya returnees recount harrowing stories of torture

Ghanaian Libya returnees recount harrowing stories of torture

- Ghanaian migrants who were detained in Libya have touched down in Accra with the help of government

- Some have recounted disturbing stories of torture and misery that occurred during their detention

- Government officials were at the airport with food and beverages to give to those in desperate need of nourishment

Around 127 Ghanaian migrants who attempted the perilous trip to Europe via the Sahara desert have returned from Libya, and brought with them terrible stories of misery and death.

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Ghanaian Libya returnees recount harrowing stories of torture

Stock photo: Slave in Libya

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Ghanaian migrants touched down in Accra today after government facilitated that release and return from the war torn north African country. According to reports, government has also given them GHC400 each in order to help them get back to their respective home towns.

Government officials and those of the International Organization of Migration met returnees at the airport armed with food and water to give to those in need of quick nourishment and/or hydration.

Along with what little baggage the migrants came back with, they also brought back disturbing stories of the misery, torture, and death that took place in Libyan detention centers.

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One migrant by the name of Komla, says he traveled with 17 other migrants from Takoradi, but only came back with four others and said seven were killed at one point or another.

According to Komla, in a detention center that had - give or take - 3000 migrants, people lost their minds or died everyday. He related that he hadn't taken a bath since the day he was detained.

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"When you have to eat you are beaten, if you want to drink water you are beaten...If you are doing some small work here then don't think of travelling to Libya," he said, advising those with intentions to make the perilous journey.

Another migrant aged 28, said he was kept in an unfinished building for six months, kept alive by being fed once a day and given salt water to drink in the afternoon.

Migrants related that in Libya, even little children robbed migrants at gun point, a real doomsday scenario to most Ghanaians.

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