15 ‘killer’ comments Ghanaians have passed at Shatta Wale and body guard after ‘heavy slap’ saga

15 ‘killer’ comments Ghanaians have passed at Shatta Wale and body guard after ‘heavy slap’ saga

Since news broke that Shatta Wale has slapped his bodyguard, Ghanaians have been talking.

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10 ‘killer’ comments Ghanaians have passed at Shatta Wale and body guard after ‘heavy slap’ saga

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What muddied the waters was when the affected bodyguard came out to blast Ghanaians and the media for being loud-mouthed on his physical abuse.

The bodyguard whose name was mentioned as Steve in a Facebook livestream questioned “If Shatta Wale has slapped me is it your ears?”

Since then social media has not rested with comments condemning Shatta Wale and his bodyguard.

Some have alleged that the bodyguard is a ‘lazy macho’ who is afraid of losing his job for fear of starving.

Here are 10 ‘punching’ comments filtered by YEN.com.gh from social media:

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1. “Uncivilized Shameless (replacing Shatta) Movement.” – this social media user took a swipe at the entire ‘Shatta Movement’ group.

2. “If you are a man come to the UK and slap someone here. This can only happen in Ghana.” - This Facebook user who seems to live abroad couldn’t keep quiet over Shatta’s act.

3. “Shatta Wale becareful you don’t end up like Vybe Kartel with this your bush behaviour.” – This user fears for the self-acclaimed dancehall king that he could end up in jail for violence behaviour.

4. “This useless Shatta Bodyguard shouldn’t come to the North. Else we will beat him for his parents.” – This is a direct one to the affected bodyguard. This user wants to ‘disciplne’ him for disgracing his parents. He has been warned of severe beatings if he should step foot in the north.

5. “Kwasia (meaning fool) he got no option; Lazy macho man!” – For this fan, the muscle obtained by Shatta’s bodyguard doesn’t mean he is hard working but rather a lazy man.

6. “Bucket Mouth” – This user kept it simple. His attack was directed at the SM Boss himself. It is obvious this particular fan is still fuming with anger watching Shatta Wale bluff on Facebook without showing remorse for physically abusing his bodyguard.

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7. “[That] guy will forever remain a body guard. He was a fool and [the] slap turned him into an idiot.” This comment shows that people are angry!

8. “Shatta you lost all of my respect; that is not cool” – For this user, bye bye to respect for Shatta Wale.

9. “Kwasia (fool) but for money who are u to get a bodyguard?” This user believes money has made a ‘nobody’ like Shatta get ‘wing’s.

10. “He’s a disgrace to men. Your bodyguard is a fool like you. How can you slap a grown man like this? Well I forgot he’s a grown man with no brains like his pay master. Gbee naabu.” – This is from an obviously angry Facebook user.

11. “Hey bodyguard I feel pity for you. You get slap for you GH₵150 salary.” – This user thinks that heavy slap was all for 150 Ghana.

12. “The President should recall that plaque he gave you back. You are a disgrace” – Well, a comment indicating that President Akufo Addo erred in inviting Shatta Wale to the Flagstaff House.

13. “Kwasia because of money see how you are fooling. Next time that slap will make you collapse.” – This is a big warning!

14. “Oh God poverty is really a disease this guy took a slap in public and here he is pretending to be happy all because of poverty. He will be a slave forever.” – That was a big one!

15. “You are becoming too proud. But becareful anything can happen. Life is like a dice and any side can turn at anytime. You do good music but please be humble.” – A kind advice for the SM Boss.

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