8 serious reasons Ghanaian women are divorcing their guys

8 serious reasons Ghanaian women are divorcing their guys

Relationships never survive by themselves. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Relationships between a man and woman come with dire responsibility and commitments.

7 reasons most Ghanaian women are opting for divorce

7 reasons most Ghanaian women are opting for divorce

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It is to these requirements that most Ghanaian women raise eyebrows when they get to know their partner is just not living to his part of the bargain.

What happens next, is either walking away or filing for a divorce in severe cases when all efforts to sustain a broken marriage just don't work.

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So what could be the main reasons for some Ghanaian women chasing for a divorce, YEN.com.gh has all the answers.

1. Physical, mental abuse

Reports by the domestic, violence and support unit (DOVSU), indicate that 5 in every 7 women suffer physical or mental abuse in relationships or marriages. These abuses are mostly caused by their male partners and it all happens in the wake of little disagreements. Women know this very well so that within this day and age of women's right, you must not be surprised if your woman walks away from you in want of another in a relationship.

2. Unrepentant cheating

Cheating plus other forms of infidelity is one of the leading reasons why women terminate relationships or fight for a divorce. Infidelity is the main reasons many relationships and marriages are breaking down. It is absolutely difficult and sad to realise that the very one you are in love with is sneaking to satisfy someone else. It is a difficult situation.

3. Misogynism

A misogynist is a man who has severe contempt for women. Yes, he may be your boyfriend but treats other women terribly. It tends to be a different issue of pain when this very same person finds himself in a relationship. His woman will always be complaining about how much disrespect he has for her and other female friends. In this case, never be surprised if such woman leaves her man in a relationship or marriage.

4. Betrayal

Betrayals are very serious matters of the heart. It can be very terrible an experience when suffered in a relationship. How will you feel when after entrusting your lover with a top secret find out he or she has spilt it out to your worst enemy? Betrayal never survives in relationships. In fact, it is proof enough that the man a woman is dating is just no dating material.

5. "Mama's boy" syndrome

"Mama's boys" are the kind of men who most Ghanaian women stay away from dating. These are the kinds of men who are so attached to their mothers that one may think if mother and son are a couple. This kind of soul ties often leaves relationships suffering especially when you find the relationship including a third party. Women are ready to compete with their fellow women but never the mother of their men.

6 Immaturity

An immature mind naturally expels people. A grown man with the mind of a teenager is just no man for a serious independent woman who wants a man, real man in her life. It is very embarrassing an experience to realize that the very one you so love acts like a child. Immaturity is never a mental problem but a reflection of how one was raised up in the family. In relationships, immaturity is never accepted. Even if it is, you will find that a partner gets exploited the more than the other. For women, this is a no go area especially when the "immature" man is more likely to be the father of her kids and man of the family.

7 Terrible personal hygiene

We can't let go without talking about personal hygiene. No one ever wants to stay with a partner whose personal hygiene is terribly awful. This is especially so in the case of women who find themselves in relationships with men who personal hygiene is always an issue.

8. Impotence

We chose to make this the very last point because many relationships are surviving the face of infertility nowadays thanks to advanced health care systems. But all the same, the inability to get satisfied in bed is one of the main drivers women walk away. That's a fact!

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