10 male English names that are nearly 'extinct' in Ghana

10 male English names that are nearly 'extinct' in Ghana

Back in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, there were some very common names that you’d hear in every class, church hall or anywhere there was a large gathering of people.

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These names were so popular, it would be no surprise to find more than person at a time, in the same spot bearing the name.

Unpopular male names in Ghana

Ghanaian model, Justin Spio

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However, as the years moved past, they became less and less popular with influx of new ‘fancier’ names and Ghanaians embracing more and more of their tradition.

YEN.com.gh has found 10 male English names that are nearly extinct in Ghana:

1. Moses. Back in the day, there was no way you’d enter any large gathering of people and not find at least two people with the name.

2. Abraham. Inspired by the Father of Israel in the Bible, Ghanaians parents years ago, loved to name their children after ‘God’s friend’.

3. Derek. Another name that was very popular in the 90s, however it seems to have gone extinct these days.

4. Prosper. Who didn’t want their children to grow up to be become ‘prosperous’ adults? But it looks like parents have other aspirations with their choice of names now.

5. Simon. Simon was not so popular some years ago, and now it is even less heard of. Nevertheless it is a strong name, so maybe it should be brought back.

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6. Caleb. If you were named ‘Caleb’, you were among the names officially tagged ‘Deebee’. Sadly, the popularity ship has sailed.

7. Ignatius. We rarely heard this name in the past, but with influx of popular, fancier choices, this name is now extinct.

8. Mark. One of the four books of the gospel in the New Testament, yet the appreciation for the name has slowly died down.

9. Justice. The only time we use Justice now is in reference to legal matters.

10. Saul. As we all may know, before the Apostle Paul became who he was, his name was Saul. However, the name is now forgotten and barely heard of.

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