6 things women need to know about men, but don't

6 things women need to know about men, but don't

"Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus", originally the name of a book on relationships, the phrase can sometimes be the best example of how little both genders understand each other.

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Fear not, YEN.com.gh put together a list of things that would make relationships - and life in general - a lot easier for everyone if they could just be kept in mind. This is obviously not a full list of all need to know, but just a few points we thought stood out.

X things women need to know about men, but don't

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1. Men really don't need to talk about "it"

Sometimes when a man gets home from work and his wife/girlfriend senses that he may have had a hard day she might be tempted to ask if he wants to talk about it. Don't be offended if he says he doesn't need to talk about it, 'cause chances are he really doesn't.

2. When men say they're not thinking of anything, that's actually true

Sometimes when it looks like a man is deep in thought and you ask him what he's thinking about, don't think he's hiding something if the response is a flat "nothing". Sometimes what seems like a man lost in deep thought, is really a man lost in no-thought, and that's okay too.

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3. Men are not mind readers

This can't be stressed enough. It's easy to believe that your significant other knows how you feel about a particular situation, even though that may not be the case. The bottom line is a lot of men don't pick up on cues and you're better off telling how them how you feel instead of hoping he figures it out.

4. Offering solutions to your problems means he cares

Unlike female friends, who know - and are okay with - just listening to you talk about what's troubling you, men tend to prefer to try solve the problem. So when you're baring your heart out to him and he keeps offering solutions, know that he's not trying to shut you up. The fact that he's offering solutions, means he cares.

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5. When a woman says she's fine, a man will believe her...even if she's not

This is an extension of point number 3. A lot of the time, a man will choose to take your word for it. So when it appears to him like there's something wrong, saying "I'm fine" may get him thinking you actually are.

6. Men like compliments too.

This is a little known fact that many women don't seem to realize. Men also like to be reminded of how good they're looking or smelling or whatever it is they're doing well. Compared to women, men get complimented so rarely that a lot don't even expect it to happen...but when it does, it sure feels good.

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