Poll: Most Ghanaian men prefer dating natural girls over those who use make up

Poll: Most Ghanaian men prefer dating natural girls over those who use make up

A social media poll run by YEN.com.gh has revealed that most Ghanaian men would rather date ladies who appear in their natural form than those who frequently use makeups.

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The debate over whether the use of makeup gives ladies an advantage when it becomes to beauty has been rumbling on for some time now.

To seek the views of Ghanaians, YEN.com.gh decided to run a poll asking men which type of ladies they would prefer to date.

The poll was centered on whether men would be able to date ladies who do not use makeup at all.

Poll: Most Ghanaian men prefer dating natural girls over those who use make up
Poll: Most Ghanaian men prefer dating natural girls over those who use make up

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Surprisingly, most of the male respondents commented with a resounding yes, giving various reasons for their affirmative choice.

Some men even went to the extent of posting the pictures of their girlfriends without makeup, in a bid to demonstrate their preference for natural girls.

One of the respondents said: “I will not marry a makeup woman. They don't appreciate the little you give them. God gave them beauty and they said is not enough how more me?

Another added: “It’s not makeups that gives one her beauty even, although it enhances it. If you're beautiful you're beautiful naturally. It's even one's character that makes one more beautiful.”

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One other respondent chose a rather hilarious reply, saying: “The shape and the curves on the face is what makes a person beautiful or handsome but not painting. Are you a block work?

Of course there were those who also preferred to date ladies who wear makeup, although they were in the minority.

Some ladies also added their voice by defending their colleagues who frequently wear makeups, explaining that it is these same men who will dump a lady if she remains natural.

One lady mused: “Most of the guys here are saying they prefer the one without makeups but these same guys will date you and be chasing those with make-ups. Be realistic!”

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Another lady went the extra mile to narrate her personal ordeal when she opted against using makeups, saying: “Some guys should stop lying.  My guy told me he loves me just because I don't want make ups. But one day, this same guy told me I’m too local he doesn't know the reason why I don't want make ups. Can u imagine?”

Check out more of the responses below:

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