Kalybos denies "womanizer" tag

Kalybos denies "womanizer" tag

Popular Ghanaian commedian, Richard Asante, popularly known has Kalybos, has expressed he's not a womanizer, but rather gets most of his admiration from women.

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Kalybos denies "womanizer" tag

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According to Kalybos, he usually has women around him 'cause they tend to be the ones who ask him to take photos with them. The popular comedian expressed that he gets his admiration mostly from women, and that he's not a womanizer.

Speaking to Joy News, Kalybos expressed that when an individual becomes popular, it's normal for people to accost them in public.

"They will come and ask for pictures and as for me if you are jovial towards me, I do same and even if you don't I do," said Kalybos.

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He also touched on the popular rumor that his friend and fellow actress, Ahuofe Patri, has developed a drug addiction problem.

Kalybos stated that rumors about the young actress's drug problems are false, and that these rumors have had a detrimental effect on her. He stated that Ahuofe Patri has been traumatized by these rumors.

On the other hand, Kalybos said expressed that the attention Ahuofe Patri's rumors had received is also a sign that the young actress and entrepreneur has made the right career choice.

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