Ghanaians share views on why many New Year resolutions go unfulfilled

Ghanaians share views on why many New Year resolutions go unfulfilled

As the year 2017 comes to an end, many people are carefully analysing their general performance, attitude and behaviour in 2017 and are ready to make New Year resolutions.

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YEN brings you some Ghanaians’ views on why many New Year resolutions go unfulfilled

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New Year resolutions are personal promises made to oneself to either achieve or abstain from a particular thing in the coming year.

It is often said that making a New Year resolutions is as easy as A.B.C.

Many people make New Year resolutions concerning work, school, relationships, family, personal attributes

However, to keep or not to keep the resolutions is the problem.

Scouting around for views on what New Year resolutions are currently being made reveals that a lot of people are aiming to go successful in the coming year.

Again, the views suggest that many of the New Year resolutions largely go unfulfilled.

A few people say they are not making any resolutions for 2018 because they have made many over the years which they were not able to meet.

These are 5 of the commonest New Year resolutions sampled

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1. No more fornication: Many young people make promises to themselves that they would no longer indulge in fornication if “God helps” them to cross into the New Year.

However, most of them have confessed that the zeal to abstain from fornication is usually weakened not too long after the New Year is ushered in.

Many have blamed the situation on temptation and the desire to marry which never happens when they expected it.

Yet they still hope to abstain from fornication because the bible warns against sexual immorality.

2. Never to abstain from church in the coming year: Nearly every Christian has made this kind of resolution before. But it has turned out that only a few people are able to fulfil it by making the efforts to go to church right from the first Sunday in January to the last Sunday in December.

While the rest are seen in church only on December 31st to in their own words pray to cross over into the New Year successfully while pleading God for mercy, guidance and protection. These ‘December 31st church goers’ are noted for being the first to storm the church auditorium for the cross over service.

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3. No more ‘booze’: Many people who also like ‘breaking bottles’ also make personal promises that their habitual drinking will not follow them in crossing over to the New Year. But most of them are often left disappointed because right after December 31st church service, the drinking spot is where they spend the rest of the night till day breaks. For them, they break their New Year resolution on the first day of the year.

Because of this, some of them lose interest in keeping that resolution since after all, they have already broken it.

However, some people have said they still try to abstain from alcoholism throughout the year.

4. No more lateness to school/work: Some people also commented on the fact that the New Year resolutions they make not to be late to school or work in the coming year often go unfulfilled. They find themselves becoming late comers again even though they begin the year impressively by being on time.

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5. Other habits: Others YEN spoke to also talked about certain habits they wish to stop before entering the New Year. Some of these habits mentioned were gossiping, unintentional stealing, telling little lies, and others. They hope to make the above changes in their life in the coming New Year. Though they have failed at making it possible, they expressed the hope to overcome such habits as 2018 approaches and deep into the year.

It has been established that keeping New Year resolution to the full is challenging. But once the determination is made, it is also possible to hold on to that resolution.

We wish all the people we interacted with the very best in fulfilling their New Year resolutions for 2018!

You can also share your views with us on which New Year resolution you have been able to keep and which one you failed at keeping via our Facebook page


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