Man opens up to Berla Mundi about being gay

Man opens up to Berla Mundi about being gay

- A Ghanaian man has opened up about being gay during an interview with Berla Mundi

- The man has said that he's been attracted to men since he was an infant

- He says he likes masculine men like rapper E.L.

A Ghanaian gay man who's chosen to remain anonymous has said that he likes masculine men like Ghanaian rapper, E.L. in a recent interview with television personality, Berla Mundi.

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Man opens up to Berla Mundi about being gay

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Ever since President Nana Akuffo Addo made comments to the effect that homosexuality would eventually be legalized in Ghana during an interview, the issue of homosexuality has taken center stage in Ghanaian public discussions.

Probably the most controversial issue in Ghanaian politics - and pretty much society - due to the sheer amount of emotion it triggers, the issue has been discussed on various platforms since the President's interview on Aljazeera.

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In the maiden edition of The Late Afternoon Show aired on GhOne, show host, Berla Mundi, interviewed a Ghanaian male homosexual who says he was born gay.

Berla Mundi's homosexual guest chose to remain anonymous and asked to be referred to as "Junior". According to Junior, ever since he was born all the way up untill he turned 14 years old, he has been attracted to men.

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Junior said his first homosexual encounter occurred when he and a friend ended up kissing when they were playing. Junior went on to say that he feels like a girl trapped in a man's body, and that he always "girl" in a relationship.

He also said that when it comes to the type of men he likes to date, he prefers "masculine" ones like Ghanaian rapper, E.L.

Checkout Berla Mundi's interview with Junior below:

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