Miss Ghana winners contract with organizers exposed

Miss Ghana winners contract with organizers exposed

- A recent report has suggested that a contract Miss Ghana contestants have to sign opens them up to exploitation

- The contract states that contestants are not allowed to sue organizers if they don't receive their prizes

- The report comes after 3 contestants made serious accusations against organizers

The Standard contract Miss Ghana beauty pageant winners are required to sign has come into heavy criticism in the wake of recent reports alleging that the pageant's organizers have been exploiting previous winners of the competition.

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Miss Ghana winners contract with organizers exposed

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After breaking the story of Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant's ordeals with organizers, stories where contestants have alleged that organizers have exploited contestants, Ghanacelebrities.com has taken a look at the contract between contestants and organizers.

Ghanacelebrities.com's report alleges that any lawyer worth his metal would discourage their client from signing the contract since it "opens the client up for exploitation". According to the report, most Miss Ghana winners are refused access to legal counsel with regards to signing the "unfair" contract.

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According to a copy of the contract obtained by Ghanacelebrities.com, pageant winners are required to raise an amount of GHC10,000 per month, a total of GHC120,000 per year.

Another clause states that pageant winners will be fined a fee of GHC100 if they show up late for an event, and stripped of their crown if they don't show up for an event.

But perhaps the most concerning part of the contract is the fact that the contracts denies contestants the right to sue organizers if prizes promised by sponsors during the competition fail to be delivered. This clause is particularly concerning considering the fact that sponsors.

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This clause is specifically concerning considering the fact that practically all prizes come from sponsors, a worst case scenario could have winning contestants left with nothing but the crowns on their heads.

Yet another clause in the contract states that pageant winners are prohibited from speaking to the media, whether directly or indirectly.

With surfacing of the recent allegations, the contract, and the fact that Giuseppina Baafi, winner of the 2013 contest, was stripped of her crown due to refusing to sign the contract without legal advice, organizers will have a hard time clearing up the disturbing image being painted about the pageant.

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