YEN has all the details of the various sexual exploitation, verbal abuses in the Miss Ghana pageantry

YEN has all the details of the various sexual exploitation, verbal abuses in the Miss Ghana pageantry

The Miss Ghana Beauty pageant is one of the most respected pageants in Ghana acclaimed locally and internationally.

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Stephanie Karikari, 2010 Winner of Miss Ghana
Stephanie Karikari, 2010 Winner of Miss Ghana

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Being the oldest beauty pageant in Ghana, Miss Ghana undoubtedly receives enormous sponsorship deals from many organizations in Ghana.

However, the reality of the pageant does not reflect the richness that is actually seen on TV.

It has been established that the heavy funds accrued from sponsorship deals are not used for the show, rather, the contestants are told to go look for money from successful business men – that is to have sexual relations with the men, as been uncovered by

Even though these allegations have been rumoured in the public for many years, they are now being substantiated by some former contestants and winners of the pageant.

The allegations ranges from sexual exploitation, dubious and demanding contracts, financial burden heaped on the contestants, verbal abuse and a host of unfortunate happenings in the pageant.

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Ina Patty, the CEO of Exclusive Events, organizers of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant, has been accused of these ills.

Three of the former winners, Miss Antoinette Delali Kemavor, 2015 winner; Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi, 2013 winner and Miss Stephani KariKari, 2010 winner, have granted revealing interviews to and subsequently Joy FM, on what they had to go through in Miss Ghana.

The 2015 Miss Ghana winner, Antoinette Delali Kemavor, reveals how an arrangement was made with one rich man in Nungua to sleep with her without her knowledge.

According to her, prior to their going to the man’s house for dinner, Ina had already informed him that she Delali, would be spending the night with him.

We were having dinner at the house of this man at Nungua and it was getting late. So I told Ina that I wanted to go because it was late.”

“Then the man asked me that he thought I would be spending the night over at his place but I told him no, I was going back home.”

“The he responded by saying ‘wow’ and started looking at Ina’s face,” Delali narrated.

After she had won, Delali was to represent Ghana at the annual Miss World Competition and consequently, she was tasked to raise an amount of USD 10,000 on her own to foot her Miss World bills.

She confessed that it was really difficult for her to raise that amount but after a lot of struggles, she managed to get USD5,000.

However, Ina chided her over that amount and told her to be “smart” in raising more money from ‘big men’.

What shocked her was when she contacted beauty queens in other countries who told her that they were only paying USD 5,000 for their Miss World participation.

I was surprised when they told me I needed only USD5,000 and so I wondered why Ina said I should look for more money when I had already told her that I was broke,” Delali said.

Listen to her full interview below

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For the 2013 winner, Miss Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi, she also faced similar sexual exploitations and unnecessary financial challenges.

She asserted that Ina herself had told her to also be ‘smart’ with ‘big men’ in raising money because that was the same road she (Ina also a former Miss Ghana) had to travel on before coming into the limelight.

Listen to Giuseppina’s interview here:

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For Miss Stephanie Kakari, Miss Ghana 2010, her greatest challenge as a former contestant and winner of the pageant was cheating and the many verbal abuse she was subjected to.

She revealed on GHONE TV which was monitored by YEN that she ensured to escape all kinds of sexual exploitations.

However, she was aware that most of her fellow contestants were made to go through that, she said on GHOne, Newsroom.

Stephanie stated that she is very happy that all of Miss Ghana’s dirty deals have been uncovered now.

She begged for investigations into the various allegations to be looked into and the necessary action taken against the organizers of the show.

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