6 innocent animals we never spare in Christmas

6 innocent animals we never spare in Christmas

The month of December is that special time in the calendar of Ghanaians when families get together to celebrate the Christmas season. This is mostly a moment when we get to enjoy our best means as well as remember the birth and death of Jesus Christ.

6 innocent animals that suffer the most in December

6 innocent animals that suffer the most in December

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But here in Ghana and most parts of the world, Christmas is always that time of the year meant for special meals and feasts. What this means is that the best meals make the best Christmas!

With Christmas mostly about the change of meals, we explore some animals that mostly never get spared during Christmas and your favorite might definitely be a part of it.

1. Chicken

Whenever you find these innocent birds cages in a wired shelter across the street, then you know the Christmas season is near. Chickens are mostly chosen as the correct choice for Christmas mainly because of their affordability and nutritious nature. They fit any kind of meal as they are also very affordable for any class of persons in society.

2. Turkey

Unlike chicken, turkey is much more larger and expensive. They are mainly bought by large-sized families or those with a large budget for Christmas. The taste is like no other and can also be used for soups and stews. Let's face it, turkey is somewhat expensive in Ghana so that those of us who want to try a variety of meat for Christmas would not consider it.

3. Rabbits

Rabbits play in the Christmas season with a different kind of sensation. These mild animals are slowly catching up with the Christmas sales as they are often difficult to rear. Their prices are somewhat high but trust me, the taste is heavenly! You may want to try these innocent animals for Christmas!

4. Goats

When it comes to preparing the best local dish for Christmas, goats could be the best bet for you! Before you go buy a goat, you may want to check out for the price list because they are mostly for middle to high income earners. The prices range from 400 cedis to even a 1000 cedis depending on the kind of goat you need.

5. Grasscutter

For those of us who know the magic of "Akrantie" in our soups, maybe our best bet for Christmas could be the almighty grasscutter. In Ghana, grasscutter are mostly bought in the streets just after they have been dressed. It is believed the meat is more tastier when you buy it immediately after it's been smoked.

6. Fish? Not really

Do you really chose fish for the festive season? The consumption of fish during the Christmas is arguably low. Maybe this is because many Ghanaians love to vary their choice of meat during the holidays. Maybe fishes can be used as a supplement to other kinds of meat but this is not always the case.

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