Defenders of Bantama gang-rape ‘attacked’

Defenders of Bantama gang-rape ‘attacked’

- Some callers on GHONE TV show have defended the gang-rape of a teenager

- According to Gideon, the boys might have justifiable reasons for raping the girl

- Another caller, Arshavin argues that the girl did not protest during the sexual act, therefore that could not amount to rape

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Defenders of Bantama gang-rape ‘attacked’

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While the nation is still reeling from the shock of the widely reported gang-rape that went on in Bantama, in the Ashanti Region, some people seems not to be bothered.

Many people have condemned the act and called on authorities to deal with the culprits to serve as a deterrent to others.

However, it seems some people hold different views on what sort of punishment must be served the

Two of such people were callers on GHONE TV Morning Show programme ‘GH Today’ who shockingly defended the boys caught on camera raping a teenager.

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On the ‘Citizen’s Voice’, segment of the morning show, viewers are allowed to call into the programme to air their views on discussion being held.

On Wednesday morning, two viewers who called into the programme staged a strong defence for the gang rapists.

One caller Gideon was of the view that the guys must have a justified reason for carrying out such an act, therefore the authorities must take it “easy” with them.

He went on to say that perhaps, the girl might have offended one or two of the guys, which led them to treat her that way.

But Gideon’s comments did not down well with Kafui Dey, a co-host of the GHONE TV morning show.

Defenders of Bantama gang-rape ‘attacked’

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He asked the caller “Would you say what you are saying if the girl were your sister?”

Surprisingly, the caller who did not expect Kafui’s question began to fumble but replied saying “Errrrmm No, I don’t think so.”

Kafui then told him that he could no longer be allowed to air such views on the show and quickly his line was cut.

Another caller, Arshvin sounded very sure with his defence.

He argued that the girl in the gang-rape caught in a video did not protest ; an indication that her consent may have been sought before the act.

If it was really a rape, she should have shouted, she should have showed some body movements that she was being raped but she lay there quietly,” the caller argued.

He added that the authorities must punish not only the guys, but also the girl as well because in his view, they all committed the crime together.

An obviously angry Kafui Dey was a bit hesitant to comment on this caller’s claims.

He later expressed disappointment in that caller.

Meanwhile, the boys caught in the gang-rape have been caught and in police custody.

They are expected to appear before a juvenile court today.

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