Mysterious rock with a big red cross discovered in Gomoa Ojobi

Mysterious rock with a big red cross discovered in Gomoa Ojobi

A huge rock with a design of a big cross and three lines of ropes has been discovered at Gomoa-Ojobi in the Central Region. brings to you the latest news in Ghana

Mysterious rock with a big red cross discovered in Gomoa Ojobi
El Aridi Choaki Youssef explaining a point to Mrs Catherine Abelema Afeku, Tourism Minister

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The miracle rock was discovered by Sarcon Quarry Limited at one of their site off the Kasoa-Winneba road.

The black and white granite rock, with the brown and red cross color, releases fragrance when water is poured on the red cross.

The new discovery according to reports has already started attracting huge number of people and tourists to the site.

According to report, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mrs Catherine Ablema Afeku, who visited the site on Tuesday said that the ministry would deploy technical experts, including an archaeologists and a geologist, to examine the formation of the rock for further study and action.

The minister in her submission said the ministry would prepare a suitable site to place the rock and decorate it for tourism purposes.

“We would like to lift it from here, prepare a suitable place for it, while we provide visitors information, including the time it was discovered, how long it has been and other vital information for tourists,” the minister said.

She said she was of the belief that God’s hand was in the discovery of the cross in Ghana, adding that Ghana was a blessed country.

“If the stone is well kept, it will generate a lot of tourist activities for the country," she said.

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On his part, the Operations Manager of the Sarcon Quarry, Mr El Aridi Choaki Youssef, explained that he discovered the rock in November during a process of breaking the rock with machines.

According to him, a greater force pushed him when he was processing the chippings to where the granite stone was.

Although the machine was used for the cutting of the rock, he said the particular stone would not break and, therefore, he had to use his manpower to remove the stones from the area.

Although he did not know much about Christ, Mr Youssef said he was of the belief that the discovery of the rock with the cross was a miracle.

“I do not have much knowledge about the Christian religion, but what I can say to Ghana and the world at large is that we need to wake up again to know exactly where we are going and this is a good sign for Ghana. What we found in November was a big miracle. God has really blessed Ghana,” Mr Youssef said.

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